Multimedia & Creative Collateral

My work includes creative and editorial oversight of award-winning teams that produce marketing and communications campaigns on multiple platforms, including print, online, social and trade show. I've had the opportunity to lead major re-branding/identity efforts at two national membership associations and at my current position at the University of Maryland. At the University, I've also had the great fortune to mentor our student marketing + design staff in our in-house agency, feeling proud to be part of their journey, and watching them move on to posts at design and branding agencies around the country, including Wolff Olins, Disney, Nickelodeon, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Ogilvy Mathers and more.
Multimedia Projects

Visual storytelling, now more than ever, must meet your audience where they are. Whether on social media, web sites, interactive emails, or handheld mobile devices, the power of photos, B-roll, soundtrack, and script come together in a way that print collateral just can't convey. Here are just a few samples of multimedia work I've had the chance to produce with creative partners.

Creative Collateral 

The printed page is not extinct, rather it has become even more intentional, remaining an important part of holistic communications campaigns. Effective branding through multi-channel placement, visually coordinated collateral, consistent voice and tone, user-centered commitment, continuous improvement must all work together to deliver on an articulated mission/vision that is at the core of an organization's brand promise.